First Post

I’ve finally decided to get my own blog.  For the record, “blog” is a silly word, and I think that most blogs aren’t particularly inspired.  That said, below is why I’m doing this.

I spend quite a lot of time thinking.  I think on a very wide range of ostensibly disconnected (and often apparently irrelevant) things.  Some examples are:

(1) Since it’s possible to exceed the speed of a wave moving through the mediums of gasses, (and presumably) liquids, and solids (i.e. exceed the sound barrier), then why should it be impossible to exceed the native wave transmission speed of the medium of space-time (i.e. the speed of light)?  (I’m aware that current models of physics declare this to be impossible; I’m just not fully convinced.  In fact, I consider quantum mechanics to be a dirty, even lazy kludge; and I’m not sure that relativity has yet been fully understood.  I’m sure most physicists will gripe about that appellation of their current pet theory group, but I’m cantankerous enough not to be worried about it.)

(2) Why is the Republican party currently working so hard to make most non-million/billionaires hate them?  Aside from the die-hards who will go along with anything the party hegemony says, much of the public-at-large is coming to loath the exceedingly corrupt way in which this party does “business.”  (That is, even worse than the Democrats, at present.)  Could it be that they’re actually “playing the heel” to the Democratic party’s reluctant/disadvantaged hero?  It makes more sense than the explanation that the Republican leadership has simply “gone stupid,” and would prove a deft counter to the current wave of political activism by way of ensuring that only a minimum of changes need to take place to make the public feel like we’ve “won.”  (Business can then continue as usual.)

While I don’t suppose that my musings are infallible or even irrefutable (even if they’re right, mind…), I do find that I have good intuition about the motives of groups of people, and my brain moves in a fortuitous kind of “sideways” so as to make my other theories at least interesting, and possibly even correct.  Frequently enough that insight leads to correct or nearly-correct conclusions and predictions of things to come.  So, while it probably sounds both hubristic, vain, arrogant, and/or egotistical to do so, I’ve determined to write my ideas and predictions in a public place, where they can be easily reviewed later with an eye toward judging just how good/correct those ideas and predictions were.  Furthermore, I intend to use this medium as a means of presenting strange, original(-ish) ideas for how to begin digging our trashed and antiquated society (speaking of norms, not technology) out of the smelly rut we’re currently in, and have endured since roughly the industrial revolution.  I’ll hereafter dissertate on, among other disparate topics, what about the industrial revolution was good (and worth keeping), and what was a step in the wrong direction–which produced greater misery for humankind, rather than the opposite.

I don’t know if my ideas will be useful to anyone, but by making them freely available, I’ll offer them up toward those with a more respected social status than myself, and–should these ideas gain any traction–it will increase the credibility with which I can speak in the future.  Of course, anybody and everybody is encouraged to read and consider my words, but I’m less interested in commentary and debate (which, I really would prefer to avoid the latter, at present, owing mainly to lack of health and energy) than I am in the exposure and testing of whatever I write.

That’s all for now; I make no promises or predictions about when I’ll write next or in the future, but I plan to do so at some point, and repeatedly.

A bientot.


2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. You’re right – sort of – about the speed of light. It appears from all known science (not withstanding a few neutrinos that recently appeared to be traveling slightly beyond the speed of light on a trip to Italy) that nothing in the universe can accelerate to a speed faster than the speed of light. However, the universe itself is expanding at a speed that exceeds the speed of light, and the general theory of relativity does not preclude particles that were created already traveling faster than light (sometimes called tachyons and used now and then by Federation ships on “Star Trek”). So, you’ve got a little wiggle room for your ideas.

    Good luck with your blog.

    • Thanks, Al, for your thoughts and support. I’d not heard about the rate of expansion being faster than light speed; given your description, it seems that the current model obliquely acknowledges that it’s incorrect about the “universal speed limit,” but nobody’s yet sure about how that works. I’ll have to look into this, sometime.

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