My Boy

Fifth in the series.  Written for the same class as the previous one, and likewise, the professor (not to be confused with a person who teaches, rather than professes) was non-plussed.  Human beings should like it, though.  (Yes, this is about my family’s cat.)  😀


My Boy


My boy,

he scratches me behind the ears.

He rubs my cheeks.

He massages my back.

He holds me.


He gives me milk to drink.

He gives me hard food.

He gives me plates of the better food.


My boy is there in the morning.

My boy holds me when I call him

but is sometimes slow to do it.

My boy is much taller than me,

taller than Big White.

He scares off Big White.

He uses his shoulder-stick to make it cry.


But in the night he is asleep.


In the night I am awake.


In the night Big White is awake.


In the day my boy is sometimes here.

In the day my boy lets me sleep in the shelter.

It’s warm and dry and cool when it’s hot outside.


The woman always finds me.

He’s bigger than her, but he listens anyhow

and puts me back next to the hard food.


My boy loves me more than he loves the Woof.


I love my boy.

What are your thoughts on this?

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