My name is Dane Mutters; I was born in 1982, and graduated high school in 2000.  I do quite a lot of thinking about quite a lot of things, and have finally decided to post my thoughts on the ‘net.  I’ve studied many subjects, including English, philosophy, logic, physics, computer science, economics, music, history, and others.  Unfortunately, chronic illnesses and the throes of life have prevented me from getting degrees in any of those, so while I often have insights that people find useful/valuable, I can’t say that my views are academically “authoritative.”  (Of course, what exactly is authoritative in the academic world may or may not be authoritative in the “real world.”)

At last “official” measurement, my IQ was high enough to join organizations like Mensa (top 2%) and Intertel (top 1%), though I currently don’t wish to spend money to join such an organization.  My goal with this blog is to present some ideas that might make the world a better place; or, at least, to present ideas for others to ponder on, for the same purpose.

While some of this content will certainly be disagreeable to some individuals (probably different ones, depending on the post), I genuinely hope to give something of value to everyone who stops by here and makes an effort to have an open, yet discerning mind.  I don’t require anyone to agree with me (and couldn’t enforce such a silly requirement, anyway), but I do hope to give folks something worthwhile and interesting to think about, should they take the time to do so.


Dane Mutters


What are your thoughts on this?

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